They're Buying ALL The Bitcoin In Existence

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So i lied said. I wasn't gonna make another video and then lo and behold um. This stuff ends up coming out. So i actually love this meme a lot that's. Why i chose it uh, because my face was basically like that when i got the news so um yeah, i mean without further ado, let's, jump right into it.

So grayscale the world's largest cryptocurrency asset management. Firm has accumulated 16 244 bitcoin worth more than 600 million dollars in 24 hours, 600 million dollars in 24 hours. Okay, the company now has more than 630 000 bitcoin worth nearly 23 billion us dollars.

According to data provided by crypto, analytics company bibit or bibit, whatever grayscale's, total assets under management jumped above 27 billion on tuesday as the price of bitcoin crossed 37 000 us dollars.

The total market cap of cryptocurrencies reached over further above a trillion dollars as well, that's. Why i said yeah, i lied. I didn't expect to do it. I expected to take the rest of the day off, but you can't.

You can't to do that when there's news like this 24 hours, 24 hours, the news that we had yesterday, i think it was or was it the day before i don't remember, is that oh, no, Whatever it was over the weekend, i think they had accumulated 3, 000 or somewhere around that number, and then we had news from before the long long ago, when i was taking my break, i think that they had accumulated 10 000.

, so within the last 24 hours 600 million dollars um has been uh pushed into the bitcoin ecosystem um. Of course, this is now major news that's floating around everyone's. Talking about it, because that's, a lot of money in 24 hours.

That's insane that's absolutely insane. This one says: grayscale owns more than three percent of the total amount of bitcoin, as is anyway um yeah, rather quick video just thought. I'd. Uh share that with everyone, because you know uh when i say that bitcoin's undervalued that's it because it's all being taken away.

There will not be any. I i give it by the end of this year. There will probably be this much left on cryptocurrency exchanges, because we keep getting news. Not only are the institutions buying it up and locking it away, but normal people are also taking their coins off of these exchanges.

As well so anyway, yeah just thought. I'd, bring you that quick news um, because you know i was going to say logic, but i think it's. So much more than logic. At this point, quick video, but i do hope you all enjoyed - i do hope you all are having a great day a great morning a great afternoon a great evening.

Has anyone ever seen the actual like uh? This comes from a real tv show. I i think the tv show was like i think she got locked up or something like that, and then she woke up in a room and she's like looking around like rapidly trying to figure everything out and anyway it's.

Pretty funny, thank you all once again for watching and or listening, and i will most certainly be talking to you all soon see you