Ethereum 2.0 Is Officially Launching

Hello, everybody welcome back to another quick video hope you're all doing well and that you're all having a great day, just an update for those of you who were wondering for those of you not looking at the screen.

Right now it says: ethereum 2.0 staked ether has surpassed 50 of the threshold. There's, an amount of ethereum that has to enter a contract in order for the beacon chain of ethereum 2.0 to activate, and sometime last evening, we passed by 50 percent of the threshold that had to be met a couple of hours later.

This one says: ethereum's, price tier to 585. Us dollars, as staking has reached 55 percent a couple of hours later, a lot more ether went into the contract and we reached 55 percent of the goal that we had to hit.

Can you guess what comes next because it's kind of obvious ethereum deposits to the ethereum 2.0 contract have hit a total of 531 872 ether that's right. This is 101 of the required amount for a phase zero kickoff, a total of 16 621 validators out of the required 16 384 participated in the deposits.

That's right phase. Zero of ethereum 2.0 is officially a go earlier. Today, validator successfully sent the minimum amount of 524 000 ether to the deposit contract that's, confirming what many were waiting for till the last minute.

I thought it would happen on the very last day of this month, according to data from the team. At crypto quant, the validators further exceeded the amount by sending 531 000, which is 104 of what they needed.

With respect to validators. Phase 0 of ethereum 2.0 needed a minimum of sixteen thousand three eighty four. They had sixteen thousand six twenty one, dedicating 32 ether to the deposit contract as it stands right now, it looks as if, according to all the news, we were getting that ethereum 2.

0 will officially launch on the 1st of december of this year. I was optimistically pessimistic before and thought that we'd, see it, but maybe at the beginning of next year. Lo and behold, here we are um.

This is not only great news for ethereum for the ethereum community. Also, if you have 32 ether get prepared because you are about to enter a passive income heaven, but also for the rest of the cryptocurrency market.

I mentioned this before a couple of other times, sprinkled throughout some other videos, while every single coin is tied to bitcoin. In that normally, if bitcoin goes up, the rest of the market tends to follow.

If you've ever been on a cryptocurrency exchange, every coin is also tied to ether as well. So if we do happen to potentially see a major price spike in ether's, price expect potentially the rest of the market to also do the same.

I'm, very excited. It took years for us to get here, but we finally did it. I think this is the major phase of ethereum that mainly everyone was waiting for. I think you know the other transactions are going to be kind of great to be able to do things.

A lot quicker on ethereum and you know the d5 projects, but the locking up of ether to have a passive income source, and i think it's like 15 return, or something like that is just going to be absolutely massive.

So expect to hear something over the next week or so about major companies. Potentially this is this is, of course, speculation, but it seems to make a lot of sense if ethereum 2.0 is a go, that they're, going to be trying to accumulate as much ether as possible so that they can have money passively.

There is currently nothing in traditional finance, nothing that is going to get you 15 on your return per year by just simply holding it. Nothing, especially with all the madness that we have going on anyway, yeah that's.

The quick news very excited. I'm trying. I'm trying to hold in my excitement and not like kind of lose it uh. I do hope you all enjoyed. I it's been a very good year for us. It's been a very, very, very good year for us uh, and i hope that it all continues.

I do hope you all are having a great day a great morning, a great afternoon or great evening, wherever you are wherever you might be. I do hope that it is absolutely fantastic. Thank you all once again for watching and or listening, and i will most certainly be talking to you all soon see you