When to take profits on your alt coins, this is one of the most common questions that i get from you guys it's, also the key factor that will separate the winners from the losers in this market. If you never click on that sell button, you never make profits.

You never realize your gains. That's. Just a simple, simple fact of investing. I don't care. What big numbers you see on your blog folio today until you click the sell button, you do not make that real and you have not made any profits.

So in this video i'm, going to tell you exactly what you need to know when it comes to taking profits on your alt coin investments. My name is lark and i make videos every single day to help you make money investing.

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So click on the link down below to learn more about that become a member today and don't miss another issue. Okay, so let's get into this now, first and foremost, i need to say this. I cannot tell you exactly when to sell your crypto currencies, buy it here, sell it exactly there.

Ah, i wish i could, which was that easy right, but everyone really has to make their own decision when it comes down to it. You know what your desires and risk tolerances and all this stuff are completely different from mine right, so you have to make decisions yourself, but i hope that this video will provide you with the framework to make those decisions.

For yourself - and i know some people are out there thinking or probably writing the comment section right now sell sell. Are you crazy lark? What are you talking about? Man? Crypto will only go up. Do paradigm money brah, maybe, but if not, then you're, probably going to deeply regret, never taking any profits seriously.

Here is the real secret that not many people will tell you you don't need to perfectly time the top you just don't, because the truth is this: no one knows exactly where the top is going to be. We can all make our models and our predictions, but nobody really knows, but the real money is made in between the bottom and the top don't forget that, and by making this video today also make it clear.

I'm, not saying, go out and sell all your cryptocurrencies today. Ah, i think this market's. Gon na go a lot higher, but i'm making this as a reminder that unless you click that sell button at some point, you never make any profits.

So here are the tips that you need to know and the things that i personally do in order to make sure i'm consistently making profits in this market. So first we're going to talk about when to sell. I know this can be a tricky thing during a bull run, especially once you start getting a lot of these assets.

Moving into price discovery there's, no historical resistance or any stuff like that to watch out for and a lot of these coins are gonna pump much higher than you can possibly anticipate you'll, see irrational exuberance, rational greed, taking Over those indicators that would help us usually determine when to sell - or at least you know, give us good indication things like the rsi relative strength index that can remain overbought for weeks on end and the price just keeps moving up and up and up so one Strategy that investors can use for taking profits on altcoins is laddering out right.

You, don't, have to sell everything all at once. Just take that stress off your plate. Let me give you an example: here: let's, say by a thousand dollars with a chain link. 25. A coin. Now, when the price doubles to fifty dollars, you can sell half your coins, you get all of your capital investment back and you have now a big free bag of chain link.

Just watch it go to the moon, it's free. You have zero risk involved now or let's. Take another example: you buy a thousand dollars worth of uh something a smaller market cap like injective right. So let's say this does a 10x.

Well, then, you can sell 30 of your coins. So now you & # 39. Ve got a situation. You & # 39. Ve got your capital investment back. You've made some pretty big profits right 20. That's, just profits. Now, straight into your pocket right, good stuff, that other 70 percent, you keep that that's, your moon bag, you let that bad boy keep on running.

Now. Let's say it does another 10x. Maybe you do that same profit. Taking strategy over again right, you sell the 30 of it maybe buy some bitcoins from ethereum put it in usd whatever you're, going to do, meaning you've, now made insane profits twice twice and you still have a moon bag.

You still have exposure to this asset if the price keeps running up another idea, of course you can do something like sell ten percent every time your crypto goes up by a hundred percent. You just repeat repeat repeat there's, infinite number of possibilities.

Here in terms of like different strategies with specific numbers and stuff, but the main idea remains the same: you consistently take profits as your coin moons, because well we can be super bullish. No one knows what's going to happen tomorrow when exactly to sell your coins really comes down to you.

There's. No one here that's. Gon na hold your hand. Tell you exactly when the best time is to sell for absolute maximum profits. It's, your responsibility to figure that out also keep in mind that you know you can sell uh, some or even all, of your coins at any time.

It is up to you and look you're, going to sell early. Inevitably on some positions. It just happens right, not every coin is the same either. For example, i have some short-term coins that i just plan on selling straight up when they hit a certain target, and i'm okay with that, if they go on to make more money, that's all good, i made my money Out of it, i'm happy with that others, all just you know ladder out using these strategies just talked about until maybe i completely sell others.

I'll ladder out for a portion of it, get those profits and keep a moon bag for some point in the future. Right totally depends on the asset and my feeling about it. This is one of the best strategies for taking maximum advantage of the market right, the laddering out keeping that moon bag, because chances are things will pump way higher than we can imagine, and when that happens, you will probably still want to be holding on to that.

Moon bag because you don't want to completely exit out of these, like really uh strong coins and there's. Some really really great stuff on the marker right now, like the market of 2021's, so different for the market of 2017, like we actually have lots of great chains, great products, lots of cool stuff happening.

So personally i more often than not. I do keep that moon back again. There's. Some positions i completely x, but usually i keep a moon back for the strong stuff. Elrond is a great example, so elrond mooned right, i sold a few percent of that stack at moon some more.

I sold some more it corrected. I held it mooned again, i sold some more and now i'm keeping, my moon back, which is around half of my original position that i got into and i'm staking those coins. Now this means that i got my capital back.

I doubled my bitcoin invested. I took some usdc and some ethereum out. I put both those into block five, where they're earning some nice interest. Now and now i've - got that big moon brag that i can ride to valhalla now sure.

Maybe i could have kept everything and be riding an even bigger bag, but i don't know what's. Gon na happen, i'm, not a wizard. I can't predict the markets, but i'm very happy with the results that i've had so far, and when uh elrond hits like a 10 billion dollar market cap, i'm, probably gonna Sell out some more of my stuff grab, a few more bitcoin drop, some more usdc into block fight and then keep riding the remainder of that moon bag.

Cryptocurrency is going to be the future of finance. I strongly strongly believe this. I will definitely be keeping hold of a portion of my strong positions anyway, so that's when to sell. But what do you sell into? This is another very common question that you get well there's, a lot of options.

They all have their pros and cons right, the first bitcoin for many. You know that's. The title, this video videos about altcoins right, so the first is bitcoin. For many investors there is one goal with their alt coins get more bitcoin.

So when you sell your alt coins, you sell them for bitcoin. Now me personally, i take a percentage of my profits into bitcoin. Keep building up that bitcoin stack for the long term right, i believe, very strongly in this asset, some investors they might want to get a bit of gold right again.

It's all up to you. What you want to do right there's, lots of options on the table. I actually do have a bit of paxos gold tokens that's. The convenient way to hold gold get exposure to gold as an asset that's, backed one to one uh with gold.

You can also gain five percent interest on everyone block five, which is exactly what i'm doing. If you want to get some real in your hands gold, then dealers like j m bullion, they actually accept crypto in exchange for uh gold, so you can get it that way.

Personally, i would never have more than a couple uh percent of my total portfolio into gold and the final option. Obviously, fiat fiat fiat yeah, you can get your dollars your yen, your euro, whatever your local flavor, a fiat is put that back into your bank account or you can get stable coins.

Now. This is what i mostly do these days. I use the usdc stablecoin. It's, my preferred stablecoin. I don't like usdt usdc. It's. My go to. I use that to hold my profits, i put that into block fight earning the interest rate.

This way i've cashed out. I've locked in my profits. I'm earning passive income, now, building more profits on top of the profits that i've, already earned and ensuring that i, you know just keep on building my wealth.

Then, when i need that money, you know if i need it in the real world outside of computer land, i can easily cash out that usdc and the value is essentially locked. But while i'm waiting to do that, i'm earning that sweet interest and, of course it's, always good to have cash on hand to invest in new coins.

I do this all the time right. I need to have that cash that floating cash amount. If i'm fully invested all the time i can't. Do that one important consideration, too, is that during bull run mania, a lot of exchanges tend to crash, especially during peak times of coins, mooning laddering out of positions that helps you mitigate this issue, since you've, already locked in your profits right, you've, already locked your profits in, but using a decentralized exchange can really help too, since they're, almost always usable.

If, of course, you're willing to pay the crazy gas fees now, you may also want to have a few exchange accounts. Just in case you know, one exchange goes down, then you & # 39. Ve got a backup right. Maybe even two exchange accounts.

Personally i have like i don't, know three or four exchanges that i use on a relatively regular basis. Another seven or eight accounts for ones that i don't use very often. This again is why stable coins are so important.

So if you're using coinbase, for example, to get your fiat back into your bank account, then you cannot count on coinbase working during peak times. You just can't. It's proven that you can't right so use another exchange, learn how to use uni swap right.

So you can trade your coin over on uni swap for usdc, and then you just leave it in your wallet you chill, then you send the usdc over to coinbase at your leisure, avoid rush hour. So when everyone's done fomo and the site's done crashing, you can cash out no problem.

Your value's, locked in final point of this video. Nobody ever lost money taking profits. Man write that down. Stick it to your freaking computer screen because it's. Absolutely true! You will never make profits if you never sell your question for today.

What are your profit? Taking strategies do share those down below everybody. Can you know gain from that? Uh knowledge that'll, be shared in the comments section, of course, as always watch out for scammers in the comment sections guys this whole crazy land down there, but there's.

Some good information so do check that out, see everyone's, saying in terms of taking profits thanks so much for watching today's, video and peace out till next time, [, Music, ], you